The Group

The Family Officer Group has expanded its activities since the 1997 start up. This growth was not limited to its Multi-Family Office (MFO) operations all over the world, but opened the Group to a number of direct investments in areas of deep expertise and strategic presence.

MFOs include

  • The Family Officer (USA) Inc. - coordinating TFO companies and professionals all over the United States of America. (New York)
  • TFO (Asia) Ltd - coordinating TFO companies and professionals all over Asia and MENA Countries. (Hong Kong)
  • The Family Officer Ltd - coordinating TFO companies and professionals all over Europe. (London)

Professional Services

  • TFO & Partners LLP - Professional (regulated) services, including tax & legal(London, Milan)
  • TFO Fiduciary Services LLP - Trust & Fiduciary services (London, Milan, Genoa)


  • Shield Risk Management Ltd - Bespoke Insurance and Risk Management Solutions and Services for International Families and Family Businesses (London, Milan, Turin)
  • Not Only Insurance Scarl - Services to insurance companies and Intermediaries (Turin)
  • Clarence Insurance - Project of Non-Life Insurance Company (Malta)
  • Rivitalizza - Project of a secondary market platform for Traded Endowment Policies in the Italian Market (Milan)
  • Emergins Ltd - Reinsurance and Insurance for Emerging Markets (London)

Property Sector

  • St. Charles Luxembourg SA - Property Developer in prime European properties (Luxembourg)

Media, Event and Hospitality

Venture Capital

  • Italian Ventures Ltd - i2i (Italians to Italians), company investing in the expansion of UK companies led by Italian Entrepreneurs. (London)
  • TFO Special Opportunities Llc - Opportunistic Investments Special Purpose Vehicle of the Group. (London, New York)